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I felt an early passion for psychiatry, graduating from Leeds Medical School in 1993 with distinction in psychiatry. As an undergraduate I was awarded the Fattorini Prize in Clinical Psychiatry and undertook training at Harvard Medical School. I am one of a very small number of psychiatrists who is recognised by the General Medical Council as having developed expertise in three psychiatric disciplines; substance misuse psychiatry, general adult psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. 

I am currently employed as a consultant liaison psychiatrist at West Middlesex University Hospital. I work at the interface between medicine and psychiatry, seeing patients with a wide variety of conditions and supervising a clinical team. I often see patients in crisis and help provide immediate support and care. I am particularly interested in the mental health challenges facing patients with chronic pain, illness and health related anxiety. I am a member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists and keep up to date with their training requirements. I am approved under section 12 of The Mental Health Act 1983 (2007) as having specific expertise in the diagnosis of mental disorders. 

Sian McIver

Substance Misuse Psychiatry 

As a research fellow and a hospital consultant in Bristol I worked with the world renowned neuropsychopharmacologist, professor David Nutt, at Bristol University and Imperial College London on research into neuroimaging techniques and the neurobiology of addiction. I have treated many patients in the NHS for a variety of addictions and refer patients to 12 step programmes and a variety of other support services. I find this work hugely rewarding as addiction has such a devastating effect on all areas of the lives of patients and those close to them. I have also volunteered at a Salvation Army drug detox centre. 

General Adult Psychiatry and Liaison Psychiatry

 As a consultant general adult psychiatrist I turned around a failing service which then became a national beacon of excellence. I worked with patients with a wide range of mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, developing trusting and enduring relationships and seeing the progress they were able to make with the right support.

Forensic Psychiatry 

As a consultant forensic psychiatrist for West London Trust I worked with female patients with some of the most complex and challenging mental health difficulties. During this time my skills in report writing led me to being selected to undertake investigations on behalf of NHS London into homicides committed by mental health patients. 

Organisational Consultancy 

I completed my masters degree in Organisational Dynamics and Consultancy at the world famous Tavistock Clinic. I have used this training to broaden my perspective on psychodynamics in both individuals and groups and to work with executives in complex areas such as organisational transition, bullying and harassment. 


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